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       Sci-fi/Puzzle/Exploration        1st person      Keyboard/Mouse     12+        Medium/Hard             Low


Simon Mesnard

Simon Mesnard

None known

Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8




Just Adventure


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ASA: A Space Adventure









"2057. You're an astronaut sent to repair an old satellite. You

just finished your mission when you notice a mysterious

black cube drifting near you. You're totally hypnotized by this

thing and suddenly jump in the space, breaking your security

cable ! That's crazy, you seem to have forgotten all the

dangers here, and when you finally catch this cube... your

oxygen is low and you have no way to go back !!!

But strangely, to you, the most important is that you have

this Cube in your arms, and that you won't drop it until you're

dead ! It now seems so important and fascinating... "

NASA may have been in a financial slump these last few

years, but our fascination with the great unknown that is our universe has never diminished. Are we alone? Are there other

life forms out there? Are they watching us? These questions

are the focus of ASA: A Space Adventure, a slideshow puzzle-solving game independently developed largely by one man,

Simon Mesnard. For those of you who miss the days of Myst

and are looking for a challenging puzzle game with a great

sci-fi premise, you will be more than satisfied with what ASA

has to offer.

In ASA, a nameless astronaut is distracted from his work

by a mysterious black cube floating in the middle of space. Entranced by it, he attempts to reach the object, but to do so

he must cut off his own oxygen supply (a baffling move to say

the least) and is left to drift in the vacuum of space. Instead of dying though, he is transported to an enormous seemingly-abandoned spacecraft. That's where the player takes over,

but before you can even get a sense of your surroundings

another spacesuit-clad figure emerges to steal your recently acquired cube. Your task, naturally, is to explore this strange

ship (or the Ark as it's called), find the thief, retrieve the cube,

and try to discover who built the Ark and for what purpose.

Game Description

ASA A Space Adventure
ASA A Space Adventure
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