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       Sci-Fi/Humour/Puzzle           3rd person      Keyboard/Mouse      11+       Medium/Hard          Medium


Adventure Soft Publishing Limited

Adventure Soft Publishing Limited

None known

Windows 95, 98


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The Feeble Files









On his way home after another successful day creating crop

circles to amuse and entertain the simple people of that

backward planet "Earth", our hero, Feeble, suffers a slight

mishap in his spaceship which results in the utter destruction of

a rather important Company research laboratory. The one run

by his boss, in fact.

And if that wasn't bad enough, whilst drowning his sorrows in

the local Space Bar, he somehow manages to get himself

involved with the shadowy Freedom Fighters, a crack team of rebels who seek to overthrow the Ruler of Everything.

What follows is an epic space adventure which sees Feeble undertaking acts of betrayal, intrigue, revolution, and even a bit

of cross dressing, in an attempt to right his previous wrongs

and save the universe from a fate worse than life.

With over eighty locations to visit, 6000 lines of dialogue and

more puzzles than a HappyBot can shake your severed arm at,

The Feeble Files takes adventuring into another galaxy!

The Feeble Files 1
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