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The first thing worth mentioning is that nearly all the games (especially the free

ones), are completely unreliant on the type of game platform you have. This means that the

same game can be played on a Windows PC, a MacIntosh computer, a Linux, etc.. The key

to this is a set of little programs called 'interpreters'.

The most commonly required interpreters are for the game formats known as Z-code

and TADS2. There are others, however.

Putting it simply, once you've downloaded the game of your choosing, you will usually need

to download an interpreter for your particular platform (for example, Windows). Think of it as

a 'player' for your game.

For instance, if you want to play the game 'Anchorhead', you may well end up downloading

the 'anchor.z8' file. For this game to run on your machine you'll need a Z-code interpreter.

A wide selection of interpreters, together with full instructions on how to install and use

them, can be found on this very useful IFWiki page .... Here, and also at the excellent

Brass Lantern website .... Here. Brass Lantern has an entire section devoted to text adventures

and how to play them using interpreters.

Once you have the correct interpreter for your platform, you can play hundreds of similar

games without having to install the appropriate interpreter again. By the way, I

neglected to mention that 'Anchorhead' is one heck of a good adventure, with a cracker of

a story. It's not, however, for the faint hearted.


Rather than document a full step-by-step guide to every possible keystroke, maneouvre

and thought process involved in playing text adventures, I have, instead, elected to recommend

that you head off in the direction of the excellent two-part guide offered on the

Brass Lantern website; Here and Here. Whereas, it's not absolutely essential that

you familiarise yourself with the mechanics first, it can save you a little time in finding your feet.




1893: A World's Fair Mystery









Text Adventure Heaven

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Where Can I Find These Games?


On the next page you'll see a list of some of the finest IF games that the folks here at

Adventure Point have had the great pleasure to discover. Most of the text you'll see in the list is clickable, and is either a link to somewhere you can find information about a particular text

adventure, or an actual download location for the game itself. And remember! The vast

majority of these games are freely available to download and play.

Okay! I Have The Game. Now How Do I Get It To Run?

How To Play Your Game

Help! I'm Stuck!


Last but not least, when you hit that proverbial brick wall, can't seem to find a way of

pulling that lever, or you're having a heck of a job squeezing that pussy cat into that itsy-bitsy

glass bottle, help is nearly always at hand in the form of handy hints, or even, occasionally,

complete walkthroughs.

Any, or all, of the following meticulously created websites should be capable of providing you

with that ever-so-slight push in the right direction.



Pretty Reliable Invisiclues for Z-Machine

The Classic Adventures Solution Archive


Remember, though, that if you're tempted to uncover too many hints, you'll be depriving

yourself of that sensation of self-congratulation and accomplishment that the game's

author probably intended for you to be rewarded with when he created the game. Namely,

that "Yes!  I've got it!" experience that often makes that extra little bit of struggle and

endeavour all the more worthwhile.

With some adventures you may be extra lucky in that there may be an in-built hint system

to nudge you along when needed. Don't be tempted to use these more than sparingly,

however. They can sometimes spoil the fun.

And Finally .... A Few More Very Useful Links . . .


Baf's Guide to the IF Archive


Society for the Promotion of Adventure Games (SPAG)


The Interactive Fiction Archive



Okay? So what are you waiting for?

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