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All Roads (by Jon Ingold)

Morning in Venice, and you are about to hang. But for a man like you - someone special - escape is never impossible. You are a thief, an assassin - but who are you? But then a mysterious blackness appears beside you, a blackness which magically teleports you to someplace else whenever you enter it. All Roads is a supernatural espionage thriller set in Venice in something like medieval times. It's an unusual and, ultimately, rewarding IF offering and one I've played, and also recommend. It won Best Game, Best Setting and Best Story in the 2001 XYZZY Awards. It was also listed in the New Scientist's top 5 e-lit works. It's free and you can play it online here.

Flight of the Amazon Queen
King's Quest 2 Romancing the Stones VGA Remake
Broken Sword 2.5: The Return of the Templars
Lure Of The Temptress
Something Amiss
The White Chamber

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Adventure Point website reviewed and rated 9/10 on the Great Website Guide
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ASA A Space Adventure
The Feeble Files
The Feeble Files
The Stanley Parable
The Stanley Parable


Given life by the fabulous Kickstarter funding platform which, since its inception in 2009, and with the help of loyal fans of the Adventure game genre, has allowed dreams to become reality for so many skilled and creative independent developers, Moebius is a 3rd person fantasy Adventure game and the soon-to-be first original product of Jane Jensen's Pinkerton Road Studio. Fans of the fabulous Gabriel Knight series of Adventures will, at once, keenly notice Ms Jensen's very considerable involvement in the game's development. In a recent interview with games' website VG24/7, she was eager to point out that Moebius has many elements which are sure to appeal to Gabriel Knight fans. Moebius' main character is Malachi Rector, part scholar, part adventurer and when he is hired by billionaire, Amber Dexter, to investigate a series of strange events, he soon finds himself wrapped up in a tangled web of mystery and intrigue. Moebius is described as a metaphysical  mystery thriller with paranormal elements and as a Jane Jensen project, it promises to be a real treat for all fans of Adventure.


Independent developer, Michael Holzapfel, is co-founder of Tinnitus Games. With his small team of game creators, he has produced an extremely suspenseful and somewhat unique Adventure game experience. Reperfection takes the form of a time-travelling, film noir style comic book Adventure and, if Volume 1 is anything to go by, with it's cliff-hanger ending, they are on to sure fire winner. Michael and his team previously worked on the Black Mirror games, so it's no surprise the standard set is high.

ASA : A Space Adventure

Simon Mesnard is a French independent game developer who, at a very age - "around 15" he says - fell in love with 3D in films such as those made by Pixar, and with CG animation. He began by experimenting with his brother and cousin, making a few short films, and has now, almost single-handedly, created the wonderfully immersive space exploration and puzzle Adventure, ASA : A Space Adventure. If you fancy something different... and good, I definitely recommend you check out this excellent game.

The Feeble Files

With attractive animation, a likable lead character, testing puzzles and hours upon hours of zany gameplay, The Feeble Files is a cracking little Adventure game from 1997. The game was made by Adventure Soft, a company which, by all accounts, still appears to be in existence. They brought us the wonderful Simon The Sorcerer games if you remember. Anyway, as for what goes on in The Feeble Files... Our 'hero', Feeble, Comrade Feeble to give him is correct title, is in his little spaceship, zipping back from a quaint and meaningless little planet called Earth. He's been there on one of his usual jaunts, making crop circles purely to bemuse the indiginous population and to, of course, amuse himself. Unfortunately for Feeble, on his way back he accidentally blows up his boss's space lab and then gets mixed up with a bunch of resistance fighters to boot. Not a good homecoming ! From then on, Feeble embarks on a zany adventure and you must guide him through, hopefully, unscathed. If you still have a Windows 98 system, or similar, knocking about, you can still buy this excellent Adventure here.

To access archived versions of this web page, click here;

The Stanley Parable

Never in a million parsecs did I ever envisage plugging a Half Life 2 mod here on Adventure Point. Action ! Guns ! Death ! Carnage ! ...Aaaaaaaaaaah ! ......I here you faithful fans of lateral thinking and mental gymnastics exclaim ! But, hold on a minute, this is different... very different. The Stanley Parable is the work of innovative game guru, Davey Wreden. A man who, in creating this 1st person interactive experience, wants to buck the trend and so challenge the player's expectation of how a game should play and progress. It's a narrative driven work of surreal interactive fiction which defies description, as any would inevitably dilute the player's experience. It's a game which will provoke discussion amongst those who play it and challenge your ideas of how you perceive games in general. There's little more I can say without spoiling the 'experience', other than to quote Davey in saying this "'s actually best if you don't know anything about it before you play it !" You can download The Stanley Parable here and read Press X or Die's excellent 2011 interview with the game's creator here. Enjoy ! :)


An unique gaming experience, BlindSide is described as 'an audio-only game in a 3D space'. It's the spine-chilling, goosepimpling, shiver-inducing work of Aaron Rasmussen and Michael T. Astolfi. In part, inspired by Aaron's near-disastrous school experiments with white phosphorous and potassium chlorate, the player responds to audio cues only - the game has no graphics. On iPad it is also player-motion resposive ! BlindSide is recommended for adult players only.


Armikrog is the new point and click adventure game from Doug TenNapel and produced by Mike Dietz and Ed Schofield of Pencil Test Studios. If you're a devoted fan of quality Adventures you'll know Doug TenNapel as the extremely talented chap who created an all-time classic, The Neverhood, a claymation Adventure game, published in 1996. An Adventure Point exclusive interview with Doug can be read HERE and you can follow the exciting progress of Amikrog here : Amikrog on Facebook.

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