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Les Miserables: The Game of the Book




Les Miserables: The Game of the Book is the inspirationally created,

and lovingly nurtured, brainchild of Chris Tolworthy, an independent game developer, living in Scotland.


It's to be the first of several adventure game adaptations of classic stories.

The second, with a scheduled release date of June 2009, is to be Dante's Divine Comedy. If it turns out to be as exciting a prospect as Les Miserables appears

to be, then every Adventure game fan will be in for a treat.


The game is said to play as more of an interactive story                            

book than a more conventional point and click Adventure                              

game. In many ways, however, it's still a "classic point and                              

click adventure game, with some refinements". Chris says                          

that it sticks far more faithfully to the original novel                        

than most people would expect from their experiences of playing Adventure

games based on books.


                       The creator's long term aspiration is, to quote Chris,

                to turn ". . . the world's greatest stories into the

                            world's biggest adventure game, with a new story every

                        6 months". He also plans to remain independent of the

                    big-time commercial publishers, so allowing himself

               to accomplish things his way, and according to his vision.


Anyway, if your appetite is thoroughly whetted, you can check out,

AND purchase, Chris Tolworthy's Les Miserables game right HERE,

and now!


Have fun, and let us know what you think by posting a comment, or

two, on the Adventure Point forums.




here are some interesting snippets of of news, hot off the press,

so to speak.


1).   People who have bought the very first version of                      

the first story have the opportunity of being IN the                      

second game! Each one of them will be made into a                  

character in the game. As Dante's Divine Comedy (better                            

known as Dante's Inferno, plus Purgatorio and Paradiso),                            

features hundreds of people who inhabit the different circles of hell and

heaven, people who bought the first copies of the first game have been

told that, if they send Chris a photo of themselves (or anyone they nominate

for that matter), he'll put that person in the game, in the circle of hell

(or heaven), of their choosing.


           2).   Quoting Chris again, "The third game, Apeiron, will feature the

         biggest game world (in terms of light years), of any game ever. OK,

it won't have as many locations as World of Warcraft or

            Eve Online, but it will cover more miles, more dimensions, more time

than any other game, plus answer life's biggest questions".    


   3).   The third game, previously said to be named 'Apeiron", will

              actually be sold as "The Book of The Dead", and include the Egyptian

   Book of the Dead, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, and more. It's

scheduled for release in December, this year.


      "The whole purpose of this game project is to develop a system of

          turning classic stories into games very rapidly. It's been ten years

            in the making, and is finally starting to show some actual results."


         All that remains really to be said is . . . Well done on what's been

       accomplished so far. We're very much looking forward to seeing

          the further treats you have in store for all of us Adventure fans.

Les Miserables 2
Les Miserables 3
Enter the Story
Les Miserables 1
Les Miserables
Enter the Story
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