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Interview with Christopher Brendel  

by Gelert

Jan. 31st, 2009



Gelert:  What about Stonewall Penitentiary? Does this mean that its release

will be delayed?


Chris:  The Filmmaker isn't delaying or interfering with the development

of Stonewall Penitentiary, because, apart from any work that I am able to do on

the game, to progress to the next major stage of development, I will need to hire

additional staff. The big problem with Stonewall Penitentiary right now is, I

must admit, money. The project has far surpassed its budget, and - without turning

this into a political discussion - a sad result of the downswing of the American

economy is that I can no longer afford to actively hire the help I need to develop

and finish the game. While I am eager to finish it, I am limited in what I can do

alone, especially relating to programming. That is, in part, why I have decided to

develop The Filmmaker simultaneously. Instead of just sitting by and waiting for

the opportunity to finish Stonewall Penitentiary, I am using my newly-found free

time to work on a game that I am capable of finishing without a large money

investment or outside help.



Gelert:  A while ago, you mentioned to me another game that you were

planning on developing, The Alpha Report. Is this project one you’d still like to

see come to fruition?


Chris:  Yes. The Alpha Report hasn’t been forgotten and will be made. The

reason I’m delaying it is because it’s a large project that will take a number of years

to finish. Since I’m still in the process of completing Stonewall Penitentiary, which

has been in development for over three years, I want to hold off a bit before

embarking on another multi-year project. In short, I want to make a few simpler

games in-between.



Gelert:  How, in as few words as possible, would you describe your game in such

a way that any yet-to-be-convinced Adventurers will look forward to The Filmmaker

as an essential must-buy for 2009?


Chris:  This is a game that will appeal to a different audience than my first

two games. While Lifestream and Shady Brook were cinematic games that

had a strong emphasis on story and character development, The Filmmaker is a

game that can be considered a tribute to the classic days of adventure gaming,

when puzzles took centre stage. Recall the days of The 7th Guest and the

original Myst, when, instead of taking part in an interactive story, you discovered

the game's plot through exploration and puzzle solving, putting the pieces of

the game's story together in your own head. That is what I am striving to

re-create in The Filmmaker.



Gelert:  Well. I think that’s it for now, Chris. All that remains to be said is to

thank you very much for giving all of us at Adventure Point this exciting news.

I’m sure everyone who loves Adventure games will be looking forward with eager

anticipation to the mouth-watering Adventure that is . . . . The Filmmaker.




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