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Interview with Christopher Brendel  

by Gelert

Jan. 31st, 2009



Gelert:  How would you grade the difficulty of the game's puzzles? Are they

sufficiently challenging to please most Adventurers, and do the puzzles have to be

solved in a particular order to progress the story?


Chris:  This isn't something that I can judge yet at this stage in development.

The way I normally judge puzzles is by the feedback of my beta testers. If they

say a puzzle is too hard or easy, I attempt to adjust the difficulty accordingly. In

terms of the linearity of the puzzles, this game is the most non-linear of the games

I have thus far made. Most puzzles can be solved in any order to continue the

game, although some puzzles only become available after solving other ones. A

good game to compare this to in terms of linearity would be the Sierra

classic Shivers.



Gelert:  Are there any timed sections?


Chris:  The game's finale may have a timed portion. I haven't yet decided.



Gelert:  Can you give us any other ‘essential’ gamer info? For example, some

description of the game’s atmosphere and an idea of what the game’s music will

be like?


Chris:  Well, the game will definitely have an eerie atmosphere to it. Unlike

my previous games, the character you play is never actually identified in The

Filmmaker, and never speaks. The game will feature a few, but not many,

conversations, using a standard, branching dialogue system. This time around,

however, unlike Lifestream and Shady Brook, there will be captions.


Music will vary greatly in each explorable area. In the theater itself, a

combination of cinematic score and synths are used, whereas each film that you

can explore has its own theme, relevant to the film’s genre.




Gelert:  Will the game have more than one possible ending, and is the ending

both pleasing and conclusive?


Chris:  There will only be one ending to this game.  It is definitely conclusive.

I certainly hope that it will be pleasing!



Gelert:  What will be the system requirements for the game?


Chris:  This hasn’t been finally decided, but the requirements will, more than

likely, be almost identical to those of my previous two Adventure games, with

two exceptions: this time around, a resolution of 1024 x 768 will be required and

The Filmmaker will work on Windows Vista.



Gelert:  When can we expect to see The Filmmaker released, and will there be

a demo, or trailer?


Chris:  The game, which is still in the early stages of development, is scheduled

for release by the end of the summer, this year, and before Stonewall Penitentiary.

There will most likely be a demo, but I do not anticipate a trailer. I hope to have

the game’s website up and running in the next few months.



Gelert:  Will The Filmmaker be available as a hard copy, with the option of

purchasing the accompanying companion guide, as was the case with Lifestream

and Shady Brook?


Chris:  It will be available as a hard copy. I haven’t yet decided whether, or not,

there will be a companion guide, but I am leaning toward “yes”.



Gelert:  From where will we be able to purchase The Filmmaker? Will it be

available from your website, or from high street stores?


Chris:  This is largely dependent on the publishers. If any are interested in

publishing the game, then it will be available in stores. Otherwise, it will be

available on my website.




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The Filmmaker

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